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I have 18 years’ experience gained at a number of pharma companies. During that time, I have gained valuable experience in all aspects of drug discovery, project and people management, patents and competitive evaluation.

I provide critical input into all stages of drug discovery programmes from target selection and target validation, HTS to hit generation followed by lead optimisation and selection of novel drug candidates. I am experienced in writing reports, patents, presenting and discussing data with senior management.

I have a good grasp of cross-functional disciplines and have lead inter-disciplinary local/global teams to deliver preclinical candidates. I have managed several collaborations including internal projects, external liaisons to add value to projects such as determination of target crystal structure, understanding toxicology on an advanced compound and chemistry CRO’s to identify additional starting points on projects.

My research therapeutic areas have included CNS and oncology; and targets such as GPCRs and enzymes such as kinases.

Whilst targets where structural information generated through crystallisation has allowed experience of rational drug design, I have also worked on novel targets where structural information is not readily available and close collaboration with pharmacology is required to drive the drug design process. Working on novel targets  has led me to develop a keen interest in new modalities in drug discovery and drug delivery methods.

Having worked in a new start-up company, a small biotech and mid to large pharmaceutical companies, I understand the changing environment, budget and deliverables within a diverse drug discovery backdrop.

I am dedicated, passionate scientist and feel I can be of real value to your organisation.

So, get in touch! Let us have a discussion.

Parminder Ruprah

Professional Affiliations

Member of the RSC (MRSC)

Continuous Professional Development

I maintain my professional development through reading literature, online scientific courses and attending conferences.


‘Parminder is an enthusiastic, creative and results-driven medicinal chemist with extensive background in drug discovery covering a wide range of disease endpoints. She is also an effective project manager and team leader with proven capabilities to deliver on multi-disciplinary projects. With her excellent interpersonal and communication skills Parminder manages external collaborative projects with ease and achieves the objectives.’                                                                                                                                Hooshang Zavareh, Founder and Director, ChemPharmaServe Ltd

‘I have known Parminder for the last seven years at Takeda Cambridge and have worked with her continuously on CNS projects over that time. Parminder is scientifically excellent and has been a constant source of advice on medicinal chemistry matters. She is also exceptional in her biological knowledge and has made major contributions to a series of advanced preclinical projects and to early target discovery initiatives. Parminder contributed regularly to disease target tractability discussions and her advice was invaluable.
Parminder is a highly engaging and enthusiastic colleague and it was always a great pleasure to work with her. I can without any reservation recommend Parminder to you and am confident that she would be a tremendous asset for your organisation.’
Peter R. Maycox. Ph.D. Director, Discovery Biology, Takeda Cambridge

‘I reported directly to Parminder Ruprah for ten years at Takeda Cambridge until its closure in October 2016.  In that time I worked on several projects on which Parminder was the project manager and also worked in her line manager group supervising graduate and PhD chemists.

Parminder delivered drug candidates for preclinical evaluation within strictly defined budgets and timelines. As project manager, she was responsible for cross-functional management at all levels including project teams, local management and presentation of preclinical candidates to senior company directors in Japan. She also was involved in high-level discussions regarding key project issues with biologists, key opinion leaders and DMPK experts.  This required preparation of patents and company reports including the CNS monthly report.

She was skilled at managing and appraising goals and also teaching and mentoring her reports. In addition to running project meetings, she used line meetings to discuss and teach chemistry and biological problems and also set up mentorship training with junior colleagues. She worked well with both senior and junior levels of the organization as well as to external companies and senior management. She favoured a clear-cut style of management, but encouraged discussion and ideas and was very willing to modify her ideas in discussion with others.’                                                                                                                                               Kevin Merchant, Principal Scientist (Medicinal Chemistry), Takeda Cambridge  

Publications and Patents

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